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One of the things I always love about the holidays is getting together with my family. All of us slowing down and intentionally spending time together warms my heart so. My family is huge…there are a ton of us, both in our immediate family and extended, and we really like each other! So when I get a call from families that are getting together for the holidays and want photos done while they’re here, I’m always try to make it a priority to get these sessions in! What a treasure to have these images grace so many mantels. This time, it was some of my own crew! My Great Aunt Terry and Uncle Tom had their whole crew with them for a few weeks around Christmas, and they came from far and wide! They’ve added 3 new kiddos since the last time I saw them all!

SO MUCH personality! Ha!! I LOVE IT!! Oh man this boy! He lit up just like this any time anyone looked at him! I could just squish him!! The originals! Man I love this crew!And the spouses and kiddos they’ve added in are so awesome!!

Love you guys!! Can’t wait until we’re together again!

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