Hey there!

I'm melissa

I laugh too loud…

I have a love affair with coffee…

I love to sit in a corner with a good book
and read, start to finish.


I’m married to an amazing guy named Cary who helps me be spontaneous and encourages me not to take life too seriously. He’s also my go-to assistant, second-shooter, hero.


We have four beautiful boys who challenge my photography skills (and ALL of my other skills too!) on a regular basis. They are my heart.

I’m a worship leader. I'm so grateful that God allows me to spend my life knowing Him more.


I LOVE photography!! Seriously! The most frequent comment (compliment??) I get from those who see me behind the camera is that I seem so happy behind that lens…like I’m having SO MUCH FUN! And I AM!! Every session or wedding is a chance for me to do my best to tell your story, to see beauty in you right where you are, and let you see it too.
I truly count it an honor!


Melissa has been a professional photographer since May, 2009. Residing in Colorado, she has had the opportunity of photographing clients throughout the world.

Some of my favorite things

Did I mention coffee? And then also chardonnay. And that weird?? Basically, my cupholders are always full.


Music...all different kinds, but especially worship that makes me forget where I am.


Cary. Our boys. Flowers.

Cary or our boys bringing me flowers.


Weddings. I still cry at every one....and also wedding cake...don't judge.

BABIES. I'm that girl who would have had 20, but kids are expensive.


Traveling. Traveling with Cary. Traveling with our fun fam.

Date Nights. Time with good friends.

Time all by myself. Ha! Four boys...and I love them...and also...


Laughter. Anthropologie candles. Target with a Starbucks in hand.

Flowy dresses.



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