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heirhis day was one for the history books. Such a dream, with the kindest, biggest hearted people. Todd and Maddie chose The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch for their fall wedding day. It was the perfect backdrop for their glamorous, rustic wedding.
flying horse ranch bridesmaids getting ready
denver engagement ring
I LOVED Maddie’s details! Especially those Badgley Mischka heels!! flying horse ranch bride details
flying horse ranch bridal suite
flying horse ranch bride getting ready
Todd came to the realization that he didn’t know how to tie his bow tie. Thankfully he had lots of friends willing to lend a hand. Whiskey all around.flying horse ranch bachelor retreat
The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch has so many gorgeous backgrounds for photos. Loved this walkway among the ranch house beams!flying horse ranch groom in loft
Daddy’s seeing their little girls for the first time always pulls at my heart stringsfather of the bride flying horse ranch
And this first look…it’s going to be hard to beat. She hid it well, but Maddie was pretty anxious to see her groom. When Todd turned to see her for the first time that day, he whispered “You look just how I dreamed you would” as his eyes filled with tears. Our eyes filled with tears too. What a SWEET, SWEET moment this was.
flying horse ranch bride groom first look
And from then on, all of the details faded as these two held on to each other for the rest of the day.bride and groom flying horse ranch
bride and groom portraits flying horse ranch
the venue at flying horse ranch
flying horse ranch bride and groom take a walk
flying horse ranch bridal bouquet pink burgundy gold cream
flying horse ranch handsome groom
Maddie, you are absolutely STUNNING.flying horse ranch gorgeous bride
I adored this wedding party! They were all so truly happy for Todd and Maddie! flying horse ranch bridesmaids
LOVED their bouquets!!! flying horse ranch wedding bouquets
flying horse ranch bride tribe
I dig groomsmen who go with my ridiculous suggestions.flying horse ranch groomsmen
This was their idea, and it was quite fitting of their personalities and relationship, I think. Ha! flying horse ranch groomsmen fun
Their were so many special details and personal touches for this day, and Sara and the team at Flying Horse were amazing at making sure everything was on point.
flying horse ranch ceremony details
flying horse ranch pre ceremony prayer
And then it was wedding time!! I love how overcome Todd was when he saw Maddie at the end of that aisle.flying horse ranch groom seeing bride for first time
flying horse ranch here comes the bride
flying horse ranch barn ceremony
flying horse ranch bride during ceremony
flying horse ranch wedding vows
MARRIED!!!! flying horse ranch husband and wife
You guys are so much fun.flying horse ranch dancing recessional
The sun was setting FAST so while Cary caught the rest of the wedding party and immediate family heading down the aisle, I followed Todd and Maddie to catch the sweet moments that are always sure to happen when a couple realizes they’re Mr. & Mrs.flying horse ranch married
flying horse ranch bride groom kissing
flying horse ranch just married
Did I say how amazing this crew is??flying horse ranch wedding party
flying horse ranch bride groom at sunset
I loved that dinner was decorated so elegantly and understated with the touches of gold, the greenery in the middle of the tables and candles EVERYWHERE. SO pretty!! flying horse ranch wedding house dinner
For the first time……Mr. & Mrs. Todd Webb!!! flying horse ranch reception
After dinner, everyone headed back over to the barn for sweets and dancing! And once again….they outdid themselves with these details! That top photo on the right….they had flip flops so their guests to kick off their shoes and dance. Upstairs in the barn, they had a photo gallery and a display of all of the wedding dresses from Todd and Maddie’s heritage…check out the slideshow below to see more. It was such a neat idea!flying horse ranch barn reception details
These two were so good at spending their entire wedding day together. I loved that they were able to take moments together during their day.
flying horse ranch first dance
flying horse ranch bouquet toss
Did I mention how fun this day was???flying horse ranch reception fun
Sparkler exits are hard to come by in Colorado, so if you want one, call Flying Horse Ranch!! They LOVE them and SO DO I!! Such a fun send off!
flying horse ranch sparkler exit

 Todd & Maddie, what a complete joy it was to be a part of your wedding day!! Thank you for inviting us in to your amazing circle. Much love, friends!!

Larkspur, Colorado

Venue & Day of Coordination | The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch

Caterer | Relish

DJ | Affinity for Music

Flowers | Scott Yablonski, family friend

Hair Artist | Eye Do Bridal Beauty – Alex Kiphart

Macarons | Honey B’s

Dress | Brilliant Bridal

Calligraphy | Madison Rahhal, Maid of Honor

Important Songs
Processional | Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley
Recessional | Now That We Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz
First Dance | Cheek to Cheek – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Want to see more of Todd & Maddie’s incredible day? You know you do!! Click the image below for a slideshow!

Todd & Maddie | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
Maddie: We met at Sports Authority! Todd was head of the training program I went through which is how we first were introduced. A few months after I was placed in my roll, we started talking about different churches he had tried and we realized there was chemistry between us! I loved his beard and all the flannel shirts he wore, I thought it was adorable. We always joke that it took us getting together to bring down the whole operation (AKA Sports Authority).
Todd: My answer is pretty much the same as Maddie’s minus the flannel and beard. I remember having a crush on Maddie the moment I saw her for the first time. Looking back, I can see that was God knocking me upside the head saying “Cough, cough…that’s your wife….cough, cough”. I gave Maddie my cell but she waited a few days to text me. I was driving down to Gunnison by myself and I remember the exact spot on the drive when I got a text from Maddie.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Maddie: I have two favorite memories! My first one is our first look. I had been so worried about if my makeup and hair looked good and stressing out that I needed to look “perfect.” The moment he saw me was a moment I will never forget. The way he looked at me made me feel like I was the most special person in the entire world. He told me “you looked how I always pictured you’d look.” I don’t think any words came out of my mouth during our first look because I was so in shock and just so happy to finally be in his arms (in my head I was thinking WHOA BABY…my future hubs is a BABE). My second favorite memory was saying our vows to each other/the ceremony overall. The biggest piece of advice people gave us was to savor every moment of that ceremony, and to really try to be present in the moment. I remember holding his hands as he said his vows to me, I dreamt of that moment since our third date. I felt like God was standing there with us at the altar. It was the happiest moment of my entire life!
Todd: Watching Maddie walk down the aisle. I remember taking a deep breath right before the doors opened, said a little prayer and then the rest is history. We went through a lot of crap and drama before the wedding and I would go through all of that every day for the rest of my life to see Maddie walk down the aisle. I (also) loved the being introduced for the first time at the reception. I can be a bit of a “show pony” at times and I am not ashamed to admit it, I went full show pony for that moment.

Funniest memory from your day?
Maddie: I think the funniest memory was the best man/MOH speeches. I loved how personal they were! Maddi (my MOH) said “I remember meeting Maddie for the first time, she was wearing a leather dress and she loved Jesus and I wanted to be a part of that.” I think my face turned bright red but I loved it! I also loved dancing down the aisle after our pastor announced us as husband and wife!
Todd: Loved, loved, loved taking pictures with my Webbsmen. We all were drinking and just soaked up the moment with my best friends. They were all acting like complete goofs and helped me stay nice and relaxed. Then, the moment before we all walked into the ceremony, we all had lined up and waited until they told us to walk in. I had a few “sips” of damn good whiskey (shout out to Idlewild whiskey) and was feeling good. I wasn’t buzzed by any means but I was relaxed and feeling fine. I was walking up and down the group talking with everyone, giving hugs and high fives. Everyone but Maddie. The three times I went up to her, she would instantly tell me to walk away because she was going to bust out in tears if I kept looking at her, “Don’t look at my face”. Classic!

What was your favorite detail?
Maddie: My favorite details were all the candles on the aisle and the draping in the barn. It made it feel so intimate and romantic, which is what I envisioned! I also loved the wine barrels, and all the signs my MOH hand wrote and designed!
Todd: The barn was my favorite part of the wedding. The candles were amazing and the wine barrels were top three favorite details. Those were Maddie’s idea and it was just so cool to see those come to life. But my favorite detail was the white draping. It completely felt like the barn was out of a rustic magazine.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Maddie: I think I would’ve wanted to just relax more and not be so stressed out! I think I was so nervous about running behind (I had nightmares about being late to my own wedding!) or if everything was running smoothly.
Todd: Be able to talk with more of the guests. That was so rushed and I didn’t get to talk with everyone. Other than small details like that, no I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I loved every moment!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Maddie: My advice would be to remember that the most important part of any of this is that you are getting married. In the end the napkins, appetizers, table decorations won’t matter. The day of your wedding none of that matters, and to be honest you may not even see a lot of it because you are so busy!  If something doesn’t go according to plan or if something doesn’t get done in time, no one will notice. For brides – there is so much pressure to look PERFECT on your wedding. I felt the pressure to look the best I have ever looked, I stressed out about my weight, the dress, my makeup and hair for months (I even stressed out about it after the wedding if I am honest). You will look beautiful no matter what, and the only person’s opinion that matters is your husband. Your husband will look at you in a way that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth when he sees you walking down the aisle. Get off of pinterest and social media before the wedding and don’t let that pressure take away from what that day is truly about….marrying your best friend!
Todd: Don’t sweat the details. No one remembers what the flowers looked like, the food or the programs. But what people do remember is the bride, the ceremony and the dancing. To the grooms.Your job is to be supportive to your fiance and not add to her ever growing list of things stressing her out. Practice these words, “I agree with you” and “I want what you want”.  If she wants to go look at flowers, go! If she wants to talk about the wedding playlist, listen! Go to the store and look at wedding shoes. Don’t be the guy that just sits and plays video games while she does all the work. It’s her decision but you need to be there to help her decide But without a doubt, the single most important thing is to continually pursue her. She is going to need you more than you will every know throughout the engagement and wedding. SHE IS THE JOB! Remember this order: GOD, HER, you. Soak up every moment because it flies by! (FIVE POINTS TO TODD!! -MYP)

Tell me about your honeymoon.
Maddie: We went to Maui!! We stayed in a friends house that was right on the beach, it was the most magical trip of my entire life. We went on a catamaran tour out to Lanai (a private island near Maui) and we also did a luau! Mostly we just explored island and laid by the beach. It was the perfect way to celebrate our new marriage!
Todd: Maui!!!!!!!! So amazing! We had a family friend let us use their place that was right on the beach. We ate amazing food, slept in and just relaxed on the beach. After all the crazyness of the wedding, we unplugged and didn’t have a care in the world on the honeymoon. Maddie was trying to walk out of the ocean and she got taken out by a wave. Before I could blink, her legs were above her head and tumbling all over the place. I was dying from laughing so hard…..after of course I made sure she was alright

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