Scott + Kelsey + Judah + Annabelle + Oliver | Castle Rock Family Photos

I got to photograph my sweet sis and her family a few weeks back, and I’m so, so glad we took the time! I know that my nearest and dearest sometimes feel like they don’t want to trouble me during busy season for a photo session, but getting to use my skills for these folks is what got me started in this business in the first place! It brings me SO MUCH joy to get to use my camera to make memories for my friends and fam! And these images have left me with SUCH a full heart! Love you, Kels, and love your crew!! More than I can say!!

So here’s a story for you. Years ago, Kelsey was in high school and going on her very first date with Scott, a college student. He came to pick her up and it happened to be the same day we were having a family dinner at my parents house. So all of the family who was living local at the time (there are 5 of us siblings) and my husband who has always felt he was very much Kels’ big brother, were sitting around the table ready to stare down meet Scott. Poor guy. I’m sure he was more than uncomfortable at the time, but he passed the test! And he’s the best husband to Kelsey and dad to their kiddos! Oh AB! You’re such a funny girl.Love you, Judah boy! Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!!!
It got cold pretty quick as the sun dipped behind the hill, but I couldn’t resist grabbing these pics of Kelsey and Judah as Scott loaded up the other kiddos.
Kels, thanks so much for doing this session with me! Love you guys!!! 

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