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We’ve known Josh for years now. He’s friends with my youngest brother, and he’s basically adopted my parents as his second set because that’s just how long they’ve been close. I didn’t get meet Ashley until after Josh called and said I was for sure their first photog choice (YESSSSS!!!!), but when we grabbed coffee to talk details, I loved her immediately. She’s funny and gracious and kind. And she’s perfect for him. What a joy it was to photograph their wedding day!

We of course had to grab some getting ready photos…Somehow the boy photos always go a little something like this.

How cute are the shirts Ashley got for her girls!? The numbers on the back coordinate with how long she’s known each of them. ♥

Ashley wanted to see her Dad before she saw Josh, and this moment was just so sweet.
Almost as sweet as watching Josh’s nerves melt into happy tears and laughter. 

You guys are the cutest.

Seriously one of the best crews EVER. 

We normally take some photos before the wedding and some after, but Josh and Ashley’s outdoor ceremony started right at sunset thanks to Daylight Savings, so we did all of their portraits, including their family portraits before the festivities began. Since we did an engagement session this summer, we were able to get so many portraits because they were already used to a lot of why cues. Engagement sessions just make the whole wedding day so much smoother!

Wedding time!!

Watching these two get married under the lights was pretty romantic, I have to say!

And their reception did NOT disappoint! It was so much fun! How great is this donut hole station they had in place of a traditional cake?
Did I say fun???
Josh and Ashley!! Thank you, thank you for making us a part of your wedding!! Wishing so much love and joy!! 

Genesee, Colorado

Venue | The Pines at Genesee

Dress | Blue Bridal Boutique

Important Songs
Processional | Bethoven’s Fifth – The Piano Guys
Recessional | Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
First Dance | Everything – Michael Bublé
Father-Daughter Dance | The Girl You Think I Am – Carrie Underwood
Dance Opener | Humble & Kind – Tim McGraw

Want to see more of Josh & Ashley’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Josh & Ashley | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
A: We met on a blind date that my cousin set up.
J: I used to work with Ashley’s cousin and one day that cousin mentioned she could set me up with someone. So I said I am up for it! Then Ashley and I meet for the first time at Breckenridge Brewery. We sat there and talked for hours.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
A: The ceremony, the first look, being surrounded by friends and family, and walking down the aisle with my dad. I couldn’t pick just one.
J: My favorite memory was walking down the aisle with Ashley with so much excitement that I had just married her.

Funniest memory from your day?
A: Funniest? hmm when Josh messed up the vows haha he tried so hard to say exactly what Tyler said, but he made up his own a couple times.
J: All the speeches had good humor to them! Also when Ashley got stuck in a dancing circle, all she wanted to do was to get out of there.

What was your favorite detail?
A: My favorite detail was being able to have Josh’s best friend officiate the ceremony and one of my best friends, Dorian, officiate the communion..
J: Ashley’s dress, she looked beautiful in it. And if that doesn’t count, I liked having a mountain setting for the ceremony.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
A: If I could change anything I would have slowed down and relaxed when I got to the ceremony site. I was so nervous that I made the pictures go by too quickly. Looking back I would have taken more family photos.
J: I would have just had the wedding earlier in the day. Losing sunlight early made planning a little difficult.

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
A: Take your time that day. Don’t stress because everything works out and flies by! Soak in every detail and make sure to hug your loved ones extra tight that day.
J: You are never going to make the day absolutely perfect, so try not to let the stress get to you during the whole process.

Tell me about your honeymoon.
A: We have not gone on one yet, but once I graduate nursing school and Josh takes his PE we will go somewhere with a beach!

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