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These two are going to go the distance…they really already have. They’ve been by each others side since high school and haven’t looked back, holding each other steady, making memories and laughing through them all these years. Getting to be a part of their intimate wedding day was such a dream. Full of friends, family, honest emotion, laughter LOTS of time for just the two of them (and my lens), really truly, it was the BEST!!

The dressing room at Mount Vernon Country Club is fairly small, but let me just tell you, this room was a party!! 
The moms were so adorable getting to see Jo in her gown for the first time!
Oh my gosh, this First Look!!! Ah-Mazing. Like wow. At one point, through tears, Jason held on to Jo and said, “I’m so glad you’re you!!!” I cried.

One of the things Jo was sure of is that she wanted LOTS of time for photos speckled through their day. I assured her we could accomplish that and completely squealed and clapped on the inside…or maybe right there in real life.

The wedding party!! These kiddos were so adorable.
The brides-man and maids. So fun!! 
The guys!

I just love how these two hold on to each other. It’s like they steal moments without even meaning too.

How gorgeous is Jo’s diamond and ruby ring!?

Their ceremony was on the deck at Mount Vernon, and true to form for this year, it rained before the ceremony…but it was GORGEOUS!! It was like they got married in the clouds!! 

And then we snuck away for a few minutes of some of my favorite portraits of the day! Be sure to check that slideshow below because there are LOTS more of these!! 

Party time!!! 

In order to get everyone on the dance floor, Jo and Jason choreographed a song…and it was AWESOME!! 
What an amazing day this was!! 

Golden, Colorado

Venue | Mount Vernon Country Club

Want to see more of Jason & Josephine’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Jason & Josephine | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
We were Rock Canyon High School sweethearts and haven’t looked back since!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
B: Hearing Jason’s rhythmic vows was my favorite part since they are along the same lines as the creative music he writes.
G: When I first got to see the beautiful woman that I would be spending the rest of my life with. Also, the dancing was tons of fun with family and friends.

Funniest memory from your day?
B: Watching the family members that I least expected to be dancing do surprisingly good dance moves. The kids also have shockingly good dance moves.
G: When I thought I was supposed to smear cake all over the bride, but then she yelled, “No my dress”.

What was your favorite detail?
Our favorite detail is location. Colorado is and always will be our home.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Absolutely not. The only thing we needed there was our love and our family, both of which were in excess.

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Try your very best to just focus on each other and not all of the other distractions that come with a wedding. Have a blast and forget the rest!

Tell me about your honeymoon.
We did a “homeymoon” at our place in Austin, TX after the wedding and will do the typical tropical honeymoon in the near future.


Jason and Jo, what a joy it was to celebrate your beginning!! Congrats friends!! 

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