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Have I ever mentioned how much I love big families? We have four boys. I have four siblings (yep, 5 total), and they each have a few kiddos (except for my brother Austin… he’s just been married so we’ll give him and Ali a pass for a minute). My parents each had more than a handful of kids in their family, and their parents had even more, so I’m used to tons of people when I think of family, and being able to join someone else’s big family for a little bit…well, it makes me feel right at home. Without fail, big families show up with all of their littles and look at me with slightly frazzled, apologetic eyes, and me, well, I know we’re going to have a great time because even if the littles don’t warm up to me right away, they likely will eventually. And if those kiddos don’t fall right in line, well, I’ll bet you love those photos even more, because their personalities will be shining through.

So when one of my favorite ever families from one of my favorite ever sessions reached out to me to set up an extended family session and said they had a bunch of kids, I was pretty darn excited.

Oh these kiddos just melt me! SO MUCH FUN!! 

Hug a brother!! Hahahaha!!!
Their mama’s styling is pretty top notch.

I have a photo just like this from their session two years ago, and I couldn’t resist a repeat.
How cute are these sweetie pies!?
♥ ♥ ♥

Have you ever noticed that when you get grown siblings together, their original pecking order suddenly returns? I think its hilarious.

And the two that started it all. You can see where this family’s beautiful genes come from!

One more large family pic for good measure!
This pic…might be my favorite from the whooooole session. Look at all that personality!
And I know this is totally a behind the scenes pic, but I had to share a photo of the wrangling. Makes me giggle every time I see it!

Thanks again, you guys! It was a blast!!

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