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My baby brother is married!!!!! And I had the absolute privilege of being Austin & Ai’s wedding photographer!! Oh my goodness, friends…just you wait!!! I’ve cried LOTS of happy tears getting this wedding ready for you all!

If you were in Colorado (or I guess in the US, really….) you probably know that the weather in May was ca-raaaaazzzzyyy….and this May day was no different, wedding or not! But, the day for these two and our families…well, let me just say it was warm and full of love…even if that warmth wasn’t coming from the sky! Ha! The sky….well….it gave us every type of weather you can think of…but we made it work!! And if anything, it just tells the story of their day and lets their love for each other shine even brighter in these images. ♥ 

Austin & Ali got married at the Sanctuary in Castle Pines…and if you’re looking for a place to get married, this is it!! The staff was AMAZING to work with and the venue itself is just beautiful!!! 
My brothers…I love this photo…something about it. Their expressions maybe??
When I was taking it, I was brought straight back to when they were kids…

Ali decided that she wanted to have just her mom help her with her dress, and then show her girls…and these moments….I think they’ll treasure them forever. ♥ 

The girls!!! These girls are the most loving friends!! I LOVED watching them celebrate Austin and Ali.
Oh, Mr. Will!! So much love and admiration for you! Also…every time you teared up I found myself wiping my eyes… ♥ 
This was the very last that we saw of the amazing view at the Sanctuary that day. I’m so glad we happened to have Austin & Ali’s first look before the storm really rolled in! It was sprinkling during these images…but we were fast!!  
Ali!!! You are the MOST radiant bride!! Super model!!
Okay…get ready….tears in 3…..2…..

And then, because it had rained ALL.MONTH…and it was raining again….we quickly grabbed umbrellas for a few wedding party photos before heading in. 

Oh…did I mention Ali has a twin sister!? Hi Sami!! 


And then the fog rolled in just in time to help us create this.

Man, I love these people!! 


Ali, you’ve been a (favorite) part of our family forever it seems…SO glad it’s official now!! 
Love you two to the moon!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Want to see more!? Okay…I know you do!! Check out this slideshow with LOTS more pics from Austin and Ali’s wedding….and maybe grab a tissue! 🙂

Castle Pines, Colorado

Venue | The Sanctuary

DJ | Quality Mobile Sound

Florist | Garden Path

Bakery | Gateaux Pastries

Dress | Mariel Boutique

Important Songs
Communion | Sinking Deep | Hillsong Young & Free
First Dance | Tenerife Sea | Ed Sheeran

Austin & Ali

How did the two of you meet?
B: At the track at Rock Canyon High School.
G: We met in high school. Ali ran track around my lacrosse practices, and lets just say I became a track fan really fast!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
B: The speeches by our dads and siblings. 🙂
G: The moment I saw her during our First Look. Hands down. She was breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn’t even handle the emotions.

Funniest memory from your day?
B: Realizing the limo went the wrong way out of the Sanctuary on our take off into a long one-way dirt road that Austin had to guide him out of…in the dark…in the rain…while I sat inside eating trail mix thinking about our wedding. 🙂
G: My best friends, Tyler and Kacy, pulling a prank during their speech where all of the women at the wedding returned “a key to my apartment” simultaneously, upon the request of my best friends. Keys were being returned from mothers of childhood friends, to little sisters, to great aunts!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
B: No! Everything was exactly how God intended it to be, rain or shine, long speeches or short speeches, wine spilling on my wedding dress or not… 😉 I’ll take what I can get!
G: Not one thing!

Any advice for future brides/grooms?
B: Always be willing to help. You can’t have many issues when you are both always trying to give to the other. 🙂 And don’t share toothpaste.
G: Handcuff yourself together for the reception or you will get pulled apart. 🙂

Tell me about your honeymoon.
B: Worst travel experience of my life, best trip of my life! We spent the first 2 days of marriage in the same clothes, in an airport, and we are still happily in love…that’s good right? I now know we can make the best of any situation together!
G: We honeymooned in Jamaica! It was pure bliss and a dream come true! Everything from couples massages, to sunset catamaran cruises, to paddle boarding, to delicious food and drinks.

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