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I say it all the time…being a photographer of people, relationships, stories, is just about the most awesome thing. I don’t take it for granted that folks invite me into their most precious, most intimate, most life changing moments. They invite me in to tell their story, to document the moments so they can live them out without distraction; they invite me in to stop time for them to save forever. And I’m amazed every single time.

Births are just about the most intimate, beautiful, miraculous moment you could ever witness, and every time I’m invited in, I’m left speechless, my heart catching, because I know this moment. I know just how momentous, fleeting and overwhelming it can be. What a treasure this moment is. Kelsey and Ike, I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with yours.

I have never seen a mama so at ease as Kelsey just moments (actual moments) before pushing.
Denver-birth-photographerI kind of love the hustle that happens when it’s finally baby time. But for real….Kelsey was still smiling. How does that happen!?denver-birth-photographyThis is Ike’s Mama. She’s a labor and delivery nurse and was pretty incredible to watch in action…she may have helped the on duty nurses with their job just a bit, and it made things even more special.
DSC_0352-3_WEBTheir delivery doc was pretty incredible too.castle-rock-birth-photography
Welcome to the world, Jacky Boy!!! castle-rock-birth-photographer
What a precious face!! castle-rock-births
♥ ♥ ♥ As a boy mom, I sure hope I get to experience this moment at least a few times. How incredible.♥ ♥ ♥
When Ike’s dad joined the crowd, they took time to pray over the blessing of sweet John’s
Then Ike received a video of their girls hearing that John had been born. Evie, the oldest, made up an adorably hilarious song about her joy and declared it the “best day ever” because their “best brother in the whole world” was finally here.lone-tree-birth-photographer
This hospital tries to have at least an hour of skin-to-skin time before taking all of the necessary measurements and such. I love that.parker-birth-photographer
And finally, Ike was able to hold his boy! This was a priceless moment!birth-photography-denver
And then each Grandmas’ turn!! Kelsey’s mama is first up… I just loved her quiet, peaceful presence. birth-photography-castle-rock
Welcome to the world, beautiful boy!! You are so very loved!! birth-photographer-colorado

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