Ron + Tori | Castle Pines Engagement Photographer

Truth be told, in my heart of hearts, Tori is still 14.

Back when Cary and I were youth pastors Tori and her older brother were in our youth group…some of our favorites, which is saying something, because our kids were stellar and still are some of my very favorite people! And now, Tori has gone and grown up, and now it’s all up in my face how old I really am, because she’s getting married. MARRIED. And I know I’m with her parents (while my heart leaps for joy for her) when I say, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN that I didn’t age a day and she aged years!?

Ron, I love how Tori lights up with you. I love how with just a glance, she’s in a fit of giggles.

Tori, you are so gorgeous!! You are going to be SUCH a fun bride to photograph!

This moment right here when Ron licked Tori all on his own…after Ron agreed to go wading in the water to make sure Tori could get to the rock without soaking herself…was the moment I knew I just LOVED Ron for Tori. So there ya go, Tori…he’s got my stamp of approval.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tori might just be the biggest Taylor Swift fan out there…so these props were so perfect.

Have I said how much I love Colorado in the fall?? Because really….


Ron & Tori, I am so over the moon that I get to photograph your wedding this June!! It’s going to be the best day ever….TS reference totally intended. ♥ 

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