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Quang & Leslie’s wedding day was unlike any other I have ever photographed. It was an intimate day, with only their immediate family members and their children. It was a day filled with love, honor and tradition. The day began with a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony in the couple’s home. While Leslie was getting ready, Quang prepared the tea that they would honor their parents and Leslie’s grandparents with.

Then Quang’s family members arrived, all bearing gifts for Leslie to bless their union.

Each family member gave specific gifts, but the ones that stuck out most in my mind were the earrings Mrs. Vo gave to Leslie, and the money Mr. Vo gave them. As it was explained during the ceremony, the amount of money was not important, rather, as the denominations of money given grow (penny, nickel, dime, and so on…), so should their marriage grow in love and years. Then Quang and Leslie presented tea to Leslie’s grandparents and their parents. 

And let’s not forget the feast that followed! 

After lunch we all headed to St. Francis of Assisi for a small Catholic Mass.

I just LOVED all of the emotion between Leslie and her family members. SO much joy.

Leslie really wanted portraits of the two of them, and of course, I was ALL for that! So before they headed off for a family dinner, we went to a nearby meadow.




Quang & Leslie, I can’t even begin to express what a privilege it was to be included in your day! Your love for each other sets you apart, and I wish you all the best!! XO!! Melissa

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