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These two!! Their whole world lights up when they’re together! They’re fun and happy and full of life all on their own, but when they’re together, it’s like they’re more than they were.

May in Colorado was uncharacteristically rainy this year…we get rain…but rarely this much. I mean….I’ve been in business for 5 years now and this is the FIRST Colorado wedding season I’ve invested in umbrellas for my wedding parties. And boy did we use them! They say that rain on your wedding day makes you lucky…I say rain on your wedding day can lead to some fab pictures. Don’t believe me?? The overcast skies and the clean rain makes for beautiful colors and vibrant plants. And when the clouds break, as they always do in Colorado after a rain storm, you are left with GORGEOUS, gorgeous light! And who doesn’t like playing with umbrellas!? 🙂 I loved this day…for the people, for the fun, even for the weather that made me stretch a bit. Loved it. And I know Paige and Morgan did too.  😀

Paige was a GORGEOUS bride…seriously…look at her!! And who can resist twin pictures. 🙂

The wedding had an underlying super hero theme with small glimpses here and there…the guys undershirts…Paige’s garter. 😀 So fun!! 

This was Morgan RIIIIGHT before he saw Paige for the first time…he was trying not to be nervous….Paige was nearly doing a happy dance waiting for this moment. 😀
It had rained earlier, so when it started to sprinkle during the first look, we kept the umbrellas close by and headed under the ivy covered pergola. Paige has the best smile and laugh!  <3

Because of the on again off again rain, the ceremony was moved under the covered reception area, and it was perfect. The guests sat at their tables, there was still gorgeous light, a beautiful view of the grounds and of the ceremony, and a nice cool breeze thanks to the rain!
I rarely post pictures of the groom’s entrance to the ceremony, but this one, where Morgan is ushering his Mama in stole my heart.  <3
Morgan’s brother. 🙂 Here we go!!!

SO happy. ALL DAY LONG!! Weddings like this, with all this joy….they’re what keep me going.  🙂

Morgan and Paige created a painting during their ceremony to symbolize the joining of their lives. It was awesome. And now they have art for their house!

The guy on the right…..That’s our pastor and one of our closest friends. He’s awesome and a fab officiant….also…..he’s getting married in front of my camera to his beautiful fiancé in September…so be watching for those pics!! 😀


Paige and her Mama.  😀

I LOVVVED THIS WEDDING PARTY!! 😀 Thanks for rolling with all of my silly requests and making the most of this fab day friends!  🙂

Deep breath, happy sigh!! 
Time to PARTY!!  😀

Just look at his hand on her hand during the dinner prayer.  <3

First dance!!

This reception was SO MUCH fun!!! You know what makes for the best parties?? When the bride and groom are right in the middle of the dance floor, dancing away like the night is for them!  🙂  Good job, guys!  🙂


Want to see more of Morgan and Paige’s beautiful day!? You know you do!! Click here!!

Ralston Crossings Event Center

Hearts Desire Catering

DJ Guy

Til Kingdom Come, Coldplay 
Will You Be There, Boyce Avenue
I’m Gonna Be (500 miles), Sleeping At Last

How did you meet?
M & P: We met on a blind date.

What was your most memorable memory of your wedding day?
M: The first look and seeing how beautiful she looked in her dress.

P: Our first kiss as a married couple!!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
M: Marriage isn’t all sun and flowers, it’s tough it takes time and work and effort. But through it all remember you are a team and are in this together.
P: Things WILL go wrong…Try to go with it.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
M: My cousin peeing behind the gazebo and everyone seeing him do it. (Melissa: HOW did I miss this!? SOOOO glad I missed this! 😉 )
P: A groomsman dropped me during a picture! (Melissa: This was not my idea……but FUNNY!!! 😀 )

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
M: The rain.
P: I wouldn’t change anything!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

What was your favorite detail?
M: The decorations cause Paige did all the work to make it super hero awesome!
P: Painting our picture together.

Love you two!! Thanks again for letting me be the one to capture your gorgeous wedding!!
XOXO!! Melissa

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