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Sometimes, you photograph a family and while you are editing their images, you just like them more and more…that can be awkward when they’re strangers, because then you think you’re best friends…but you’re not…. Thankfully, Ana is one of my favorite people in real life too!   🙂 I met her family at an old vacant property in Parker that, in spite of the allergies that plagued me for a solid day after, is now one of my very favorite session spots to date…now I just know to take allergy meds first! So worth it…such gorgeous unkept land.

Especially after you’ve been married a while…had kids….and life…I think it’s super important to take pics as a married couple. Love this series of Sean & Ana!!

I just adore their cutie pie kiddos too! 🙂

Okay….so somewhere in my parents storage is a picture of me and my siblings right about this age…I was 9…and wearing a lovely denim number circa 1989… Anyway, the young lady on the right….she could be me…no joke… every single picture I edited of her was like a vision into my 9 year old past (especially the pics with a bit of sass in them)…except I had those amazing poof bangs (like I said…it was ’89)   🙂

Love this girl and her sweet ruffle skirt! <3

This one should be on a huge canvas somewhere…. just saying.  🙂

So handsome.  🙂

Sean & Ana, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in time for your family! I had so much fun with the 5 of you!! I hope these and the rest of your images are a treasure!

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