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One of my favorite things about my job is that I’m often asked to keep secrets in the name of a GREAT surprise.

If you don’t know me, I LOVE to celebrate. LOVE IT!! You have something that fills you with joy…I’m going to squeal and jump around the room with you! You succeed at something, I’m going to be the first to cheer. So when my sister in law (sister in love, as my mom would say) found out she was expecting their second baby just a day or so before their already scheduled all photos, I was OVER THE MOON!! Umm yes please to telling Austin during photos!! So after taking just a few photos to get them into the swing of things, I set them up to play a game of “pass the baby”. The ruse was that they would stand back to back and pass Hadley back and forth to get her to giggle. Simple! But Ali was standing there holding a letter board and an ultra sound pic. I’ll let you see the joy that unfolded…I love that Hadley reflected their joy so fully!And of course sweet Copper is just a gem of a pup!She’s basically the cutest.
Being that this was October, we had to tie in a little holiday flare.hahahaha!!Oh Copper ♥
I just love you two.SO BEYOND excited to get to keep documenting your story! This next year sure is going to hold a lot of joy!

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