Ellie | Milestone Session | 4 Months

Milestone sessions are some of my very favorites!! During a baby’s first year they are constantly changing and growing and learning new things…lots of babies look completely different between a few weeks and a few months. I really like to plan these sessions by milestones more than months since baby’s hit milestones at varying stages. Typically, I like to do newborn (around 2 weeks old), smiling (4ish months old), sitting (anywhere from 6-8 months old) and first birthday. Interested in arranging milestone sessions for your little one? You can book these as a plan or as an individual session!

Miss Ellie came to see me right at 4 months, and you’ll see….she’s SO full of personality. She told me all kinds of stories and is just sweet as can be!Ha! She was less happy to practice some tummy time…worth it for faces like these!Such a beauty!!So glad you came to visit Ellie-girl!! Can’t wait to see you in a few months!! What are you waiting for! BOOK YOUR SESSION today!!

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