Abby | Class of 2018 Senior Photographer

Meet Abby. She’s authentic and joyful. She sees the best in others, she is encouraging and FUN! She’s just gorgeous, inside and out.And she’s out to change her world.Abby leads worship with us at our church. She is the youth worship leader as well, and I just so love her heart.She watches our boys when she can, and they absolutely love her….and we all know kids and dogs tell the truth when it comes to people.This girl….she’s one of the good ones.

When she grows up, she hopes to counsel women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. <—-See what I mean???

Oh Abby! If I’m honest, I’m selfishly freaking out that we’re losing you to college this next year, but I am SO SO SO proud of you! Never doubt that in your every day moments, in the people you touch, in the little things you do, you are changing the world around you! Love you so much, my friend!! 

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