Jeff + Kristina | Engaged

I CANNOT WAIT for these two’s January wedding!! They’re hoping for snow, so cross your fingers with me, will ya? A mountain winter wonderland would be such a dream, and so perfect for them! I had the most amazing time with J & K and their sweet pup Aspen a few weeks ago. And these pics, well, they kind of make my heart swell.

I’ve known Kristina for what seems like forever. She’s a high school friend of my little sister’s and she was in our youth group for years way back when. She’s fun and bubbly and determined and head strong. She’s always been a pretty amazing girl. But, I’m quite confident I’ve never seen her more at ease with who she is and more full of joy…just so you know, Jeff, that alone made me adore you.

These two love the outdoors and spend plenty of their free time exploring, so this setting felt pretty perfect.
Kris, the ease of your laugh is my favorite.

And the way he looks at you….well…♥ ♥ ♥

Don’t you just love her unique peridot engagement ring!?
As we were walking back down the trail after a quick outfit change, the sun was JUST hitting the top of the mountains. This is completely out of my norm, but I couldn’t resist playing a bit.
And then down to the marshy lakeside to play a bit.
LOVE this!

And this one on the right! ♥

Gosh, you two are adorable! That one on the right is one of my VERY favorites! 
Hahahaha!!! So glad you guys are good sports!! They totally went along with all of my goofy suggestions.


Dance off!!! I’m telling you….their wedding is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! 

Oh, Aspen, you’re such a good mountain pup!
I love the moody quietness of this one.

You guys are the best!! Thank you for such a fun summer evening!! Counting down the days till your wedding!! ♥

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