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Ya’ll. This wedding feels like my whole life has come full circle. We first met Ashtyn when she came with a friend to the youth group we were pastoring at the time…I’m thinking she was like 12?? But wait…wasn’t that just a couple of years ago!? How is it that I’m old enough that she could be getting married. When did she become an adult!? This girl is like one of my daughters….yes, I’m a boy mom, but really there’s a small handful of girls that I count as my own from our youth pastoring years. (Let’s just call them younger sisters…because I am NOT old enough to be their mom! Ha!) But really, this girl is one of the kindest, sweetest, full of love hearts I know. She loves Jesus, and she loves people, and those two things encompass who she is. And Kenneth, well, I’ve only known him for a minute, but in that little bit of time, I’d say the very same thing about him. Jesus and people are what he’s about.

And this girl? She is absolutely stunning.
It was really important to Ashtyn that her dad and brother’s send her off before she and Kenny had their first look. I love this family.

Oh, you guys!! I LOVED this moment!! Look at the joy on Ashtyn’s face and the adoration on Kenny’s! ♥

Reason number 357 why I love having a second photographer at weddings. My view on the left, Cary’s on the right. Mmmmhmmmmm.

Girl. Staahhhhppp it. Just look at you!! ♥

And these girls!! The very, very best.

Such a fun group.
Cary caught this moment of the girls praying over Ashtyn while I was photographing the grandmas entrance.

Married!!! ♥

And then a quick walk down to the party!

Such a wonderful, love filled day!! 

Palmer Lake, Colorado

Venue | Historic Pinecrest

DJ | Social Chemistry Events

Dress | David’s Bridal

Important Songs
Take My Hand – Emily Hackett
This Will Be – Natalie Cole

Want to see more of Kenneth & Ashtyn’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Kenneth & Ashtyn | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
Kenneth: I met Ashtyn at a coffee shop. I saw a beautiful girl reading the Bible and I knew I wanted to talk to her!
Ashtyn: We met at a coffee shop in a small town where Kenneth was working. He pretended to be mopping in order to come over my way and talk to me. Haha!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Kenneth: There are a lot of good memories but my favorite was watching Ashtyn walk down the aisle to me.
Ashtyn: Standing at the altar and being in the moment together. We received advice to talk and be present with one another during the ceremony. Best advice ever!

Funniest memory from your day?
Kenneth: Watching our bridal party make up they’re entrance dances before the reception!
Ashtyn: Hearing that Kenneth was cracking jokes left and right before the ceremony because he was so nervous!

What was your favorite detail?
Kenneth: We put a Unity Cross together during the ceremony. It now sits in our home as a reminder of the commitment we made.
Ashtyn: I carried a small Bible down the aisle that my Grandmother carried at her wedding. It was in a bag that she made from my mother’s extra wedding dress pieces. That was so special to me!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Kenneth: No because it was perfect!
Ashtyn: It really was the perfect day! If I could change one thing I wouldn’t procrastinate so much before the wedding

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Kenneth: Keep your eyes on the Lord!
Ashtyn: Don’t stress! At the end of the day you get to say “I do” to your best friend and that’s what matters!

Tell me about your honeymoon.
Kenneth: I took Ashtyn up to Steamboat and we enjoyed quality time together!
Ashtyn: Kenneth surprised me with a trip up to Steamboat Springs. We got to relax, hike, and visit the hot springs. It was the perfect, cozy getaway!

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