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I had the privilege of photographing this angel baby’s parents amazing wedding just a year ago this week! And how perfect is she!?castle rock newborn photographer
daddy daughter newborn photography

These two…they love each other (and their precious kiddos) so well.

Miss Anna was the sweetest little thing!! She was SO good to me and I just can’t get over how much I love her images! 

Look how curly she is!! Cracking up over those cute little toes! I had her all tucked in and she stretched! Ha!! 
Mr. Luke loves his sweet sister when he’s not busy…but when you’re two, you’ve got LOTS to do! 
And this girl doesn’t mind at all! I’ll bet she’ll be keeping up with him in no time!
Jaime, I know I’ve said it before (EVERY time I’ve photographed you….), but for real. You’re just so pretty, my friend!! 

Oh that lip!! ♥ I’ll bet she uses that to her advantage sooner than later!

Gosh she’s cute!! 

castle rock newborn phtotographer
melissa yocum photography newborn
I think that’s her mama’s hairline. Which is awesome, because her Mom has FANTASTIC hair.
melissa yocum newborns
Sweet Anna, thank you for spending your morning with me!! I’m SO, SO happy to meet you! ♥

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