Tyler + Chapelle + The Larry and Barry | Denver Photographer

Are you guys ready for this one!? Think ridiculously fun and silly and full of love, and then add in bulldogs!!

Meet The Larry and Barry. They have quite the following on Instagram. Barry’s the brindle and Larry is lighter. They’re so adorable. So when Chapelle suggested we take them for a walk at the beginning of their session, I was ALL about it!!Look at their cute little selves in their Christmas antlers!!!

How perfect is that bulldog mural!?Once we’d worn the pups out a bit, we dropped them off and then took ourselves on a walk around RiNo finding SUPER fun spots to use as backdrops.
You guys are the cutest!! So beautiful, my friend! ♥
And then we walked around the corner and saw this. I, of course, squealed and then begged them to climb on up there. They obliged because they’re awesome.They basically let me make them do anything.And I adore them for it!! Did I say you’re the cutest!???Hahahaha!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! You guys, SUCH a fun afternoon!!!! Thanks for doing all of the silly, crazy things I asked of you!! My cheeks hurt that day from smiling and laughing, and they hurt just as much now looking at your cute selves!! You guys rock!! 


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