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Sometimes, you have to go half way across the country to find the one you’re looking for. And sometimes you find that special someone and realize they’ve been just around the corner all this time. That was the case for Noah and Madi. And while it sounds crazy, it’s no surprise to me at all that Madi found her soulmate in a chance meeting in Texas, because this girl is intentional in everything she does and this boy is known as one who cares deeply for everyone in his life. Full of grace and love for others, it’s no surprise at all that this short conversation blossomed into a rich relationship, each one caring fully for the other. Noah and his sister have the sweetest relationship. I love how they look after each other. And also…pants are hard y’all. It takes a village! Ha!!I had the pleasure of joining in on Madi and Noah’s rehearsal, and can I just say it made me adore these two even more to see them through the eyes of their friends and family? Noah had 3 Best Men and these 4 have been friends since SIXTH grade!! Who can say that!? Who was a good enough friend in 6th grade that the friendship became family? So impressed by their character and the way they honor each other. I found myself going home after this wedding and telling my soon to be sixth grader that he could hope for more in his friendships. That he could choose friends wisely and have friends as close as brothers. It was like coins in my pocket the way his eyes lit up. This wedding day has impacted me, you guys. I’ve said before that this day was a gift to me, but I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that’s so.I loved the contrast of Noah’s navy suit against his groomsmen’s black ones. So sharp!Madi’s gown was beyond gorgeous. So perfect for her. Noah and Madi were sure they didn’t want a first look, but they DID want to pray with each other before the ceremony. Prayer is so central to who they are, and I loved how they made their faith such a central part of their day. It had rained much of the morning, so the few places I’d considered for this moment weren’t possible, so we decided to have Noah sit on the stoop of the cottage where Madi and the girls got ready so she could stay behind him and out of sight. I got Noah into place and gave Madi the go ahead and backed away so they could have all the time they needed. This moment, in which they allowed themselves to become fully transparent may be my favorite moment to have ever photographed. I’ve witnessed lots of prayers between soon to married couples. But these two….gosh. I don’t know if this is going to translate, but they went so far beyond the “help us to have a good marriage” prayer. They prayed those things, of course, but moreso, they prayed that Jesus would be their head and their center. Their compass by which they live their lives. They prayed over the day and the ceremony. And then, they prayed that their marriage, their wedding and their lives would lead others to Jesus. That he would be lifted up in everything they do.

I was a weepy mess as I photographed and agreed silently with them. Noah and Madi, you have no idea how many people you are already leading to Jesus through your lives.

How gorgeous is Madi!? And on the right, her beautiful, sweet sisters and maids of honor!Beauties!!The flowers at this wedding were lights out gorgeous!! LOVED the white and purple poppies they used!I loved this moment between Madi and her Dad.This was my second time of the day to completely lose my composure. Noah was so overcome when he saw Madi at the back of the aisle!drake_0669_web
So one recurring theme during the rehearsal dinner was comments about what a hugger Madi is. She loves to hug and is just a fabulous hug giver. This moment right here was when I realized that she’d found someone who hugs her like her Daddy does. Noah holds her like she is his very best treasure. Girls…find someone who holds you like that.
Goodness I love Spruce Mountain Ranch!! Every view is perfection.MARRIED!!!As I was setting this shot up, I noticed Noah giggling to himself. I thought I must have just been pretty funny…..cause you know…
And then I saw this behind me. Thanks girls!! I love fab wedding parties!!Seriously…how fantastic are they!?Once we were done with the typical posed shots, I lined them all up and pretty much told them they could do whatever they wanted. They are winning at life after this pic!!Ha! This image on the right…they looked at each other like that off and on all day!! Looovvvve these two images!! And then it was time for one fantastic party!! Madi’s sister Ty made all of the signage and helped figure out the decor and it was completely gorgeous. She needs to start a business. Seriously, Ty!! I would refer you to EVERYONE.I’m a pretty big fan of good speeches, and theis crew sure didn’t dissappoint! Funny, FUNNY stuff, and a few teary moments too.Did I mention how much fun this night was!?I hadn’t seen this late night snack before and it was amazing.

Noah and Madi, what a complete joy it was to photograph your wedding day!! Thank you for this blessing!! You guys are AMAZING!!

Larkspur, Colorado

Makeup: Amber Aragon Hair: Brooke Rudy Wedding Invitation Calligraphy: Lori Mar Wedding Decor Calligraphy: Ty Strimbu

Venue | Spruce Mountain Ranch
Coordinator | Joy Hall
DJ | DJ Connection
Florist | Petals Lakewood
Videographer | Sweet Tea Media
Caterer | Occasions Catering
Bakery | Das Meyer
Dress | A&Be Bridal
Veil | Sara Gabriel
Make-Up | Amber Aragon
Hair | Brooke Rudy
Wedding Invitation Calligraphy | Ty Strimbu

Important Songs
Fill This Place | Red Rocks Worship
Your Glory Nothing But The Blood | All Sons and Daughters
Fire And The Flood | Vance Joy

Want to see more of Noah & Madi’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Noah & Madi | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
Madi: I was on a bachelorette party in Dallas for one of best friends and Noah was visiting one of his best friends that had just moved to Dallas. Without ever having met before, both of our friend groups ended up at a country restaurant/bar. Noah’s friend, Marcus, was getting married in a few months and noticed that our group was celebrating our friend getting married in a few months as well. He came up to my friend, Ali, and they started talking about how excited they were to get married! After Marcus had made friends with our whole group, we discovered that we went to the same church in Colorado and we knew many of the same people back in Denver! We stayed in touch with Marcus throughout the weekend and we ended up meeting up with him and his friends the next day. I saw Noah from afar and immediately asked his friend, Marcus, “who is that guy?” I remember thinking how smooth Noah was in the conversation. He wasn’t afraid to tease me a little bit, even though we had just met each other. Through our conversation, we found out that I lived within blocks of where he worked in Boulder!
Noah: Dallas, Texas!  I charmed her with my good looks and witty conversation.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Madi: My favorite memory from our wedding day was our prayer before the ceremony. It had been raining for a few hours and as a result, I started to get a little nervous that we would have to change a lot of the original plans. However, Melissa and Cary figured out a way for Noah and I to still do our prayer in the midst of the chaos. Noah was seated outside of the house I was getting ready in and when I walked outside he was sitting on step with his back facing me. Right when I came up behind him, I wrapped my arms around him and immediately felt calm and at peace. We had the most casual/random/kind of awkward conversation before our prayer which was totally us..haha! I absolutely loved that we had the time and space to pray over our wedding ceremony, our guests, and our marriage. It was a sweet reminder of what the big day was all about!
  The moment Madi turned the corner and started walking down the aisle. I’ll never forget the way I felt in that moment, knowing she was about to be my wife.

Funniest memory from your day?
Madi: During our ceremony, we planned to take communion. They had the wine all set at the outside ceremony site. However, because it had been raining all day the wine had accumulated a bunch of sticks and leaves in it! So, they poured it out before the ceremony and had planned to refill it right before it started. However, if you have ever been to a wedding, you know that right before can be somewhat craziness with all the nerves and excitement. So, when the ceremony started, the wine cup was still empty! When it came time for communion, our Pastor laughed and casually whispered in our ear to just pretend like we were drinking the wine. I remember giggling under my breathe as I watched Noah act like he was drinking the wine.
Noah: Definitely the “blind date” before the ceremony. We had to set up in an awkward position because it was raining outside and when and I watch the video to our conversation, it makes me laugh every time.

What was your favorite detail?
Madi: AH! This is a hard question! I think I would have to say my veil AND the flowers!!
Noah: I loved the people. The enormous support from our friends and family really made the wedding extra special.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Madi: You know, I really wouldn’t! The best advice that I received during our engagement was to embrace the imperfections. The imperfections are what makes the stories rich and memorable and totally and completely ours.
Noah: Not a single thing.

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Madi: Embrace the imperfections of everything! God has your day and your marriage under control, so just enjoy the day like it’s a gift!
Noah: I definitely wouldn’t discount the standard line of “take in every moment”, but I think there’s so much more to it than that.  The wedding is a sacred moment. It’s you and your spouse officially and publicly saying that no matter comes your way in life, you will love and cherish that person standing across the aisle from you. My advice would be to keep that thought top of mind throughout the entire event – it really helps bring each moment into perspective.

Tell me about your honeymoon.
Madi: Our honeymoon was awesome! We went to a little surfer’s village a few hours outside of Cabo San Lucas. We rented a car and explored little local towns near the place we were staying. It was pretty quiet and we truly just relaxed and stayed off the grid. It was so fun to have a week to just spend time together and get used to calling each other “husband” and “wife” everywhere we went
Noah: What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

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