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Back in 2013 I photographed the most adorable couple’s wedding. They were one of those couples that just felt like my people, and the whole day was just spectacular. From the way they personalized their day, to the way they were up for anything, to their friends and family that felt like my friends and family. Really truly loved the whole day. Beth was the maid of honor that day, and during the reception, amidst laughter and dancing, she hugged me (Beth gives the best hugs) and said that someday soon she was going to call me to be her own wedding photographer. I smiled and agreed, but I honestly thought that she’d just paid me the best compliment and that would be that. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I got the call late last year that Beth was getting married and indeed she wanted to hire me to photograph her wedding in Naperville, Illinois. I squealed and did a happy dance and we got to planning. I already had a wedding booked for that weekend, but no matter, for Beth I would do both! So months later, Cary and I spent a day photographing a gorgeous mountain wedding, headed to the airport, traveled to Chicago, and photographed Beth and Josh’s fabulous day! And it was the best weekend ever.Josh and Beth did an excellent job of adding personal touches, both fun and sentimental to their day. Beth and Josh are both teachers, and it is so evident that they’ve found their calling in life. Watching Beth especially love on the littles present for her day was completely adorable.So gorgeous, Beth! Her tiara belonged to both her Mom and her Grandma.Beth was so full of joy….I expected nothing else, as her sweet countenance and joy were so marked in my memory from years earlier.I LOVE kids in weddings. They forget people can see them. Makes me giggle.My view, Cary’s view…I think he wins this one.schultz_0350_web
After the ceremony we headed down to the Naperville Riverwalk for portraits.This photo is so Beth. Ha!This one on the left…favorite. And Beth’s made of honor on the right is, of course, Hannah from that 2013 wedding. Hi Hannah!! Beth, you were such a gorgeous bride!! I’m a sucker for good speeches.The night ended with quite the party…lots of hugs, lots of laughter, and super fun dancing with the best people around.

Naperville, Illinois

Ceremony Venue | Bethany Lutheran Church

Reception Venue | Meson Sabika

DJ | Joe Beck

Cake | DeEtta’s Bakery

Important Songs
Love Is Here To Stay | Standard
With You | From the Musical Pippin

Want to see more of Josh & Beth’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Josh & Beth | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
Beth: Josh and I met in college in the theater program. We did a few shows together and started dating when we were both on the directing team for “A Christmas Carol”.
Josh: We met in college. We began dating when we were both working on an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. I was assistant director and Beth was the director in charge of child actors

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Beth: Josh and I invited all of our family and wedding party to join us at church on that Sunday morning. We filled a huge section in the church and our talented friends and family sang beautifully in parts to the hymns. I was so thankful to start our wedding day worshiping our Lord with my almost husband and the friends and family who will support us in our years to come.
Josh: My favorite memory from the wedding day is seeing Beth come down the aisle 🙂 She was even more beautiful than I could have imagined and seeing her happiest smile ever made the day for me.

Funniest memory from your day?
Beth: At the end of ceremony when we took hands and walked to the back of the church, we crossed the section of tile back into the narthex. It was at that point when I heard the fervent padding of little shoes across the tile.  We turned to see our 3-year-old flower girl running after us with the biggest smile on her face. I am certain “her” wedding day was a success. I did also giggle when I baptized the back tip of my train in the baptismal font, though, too!
Josh: The funniest memory I have is when we were walking into the reception hall to music from The Blues Brothers in our sunglasses.

What was your favorite detail?
Beth: The tiara I worn had been worn by both my mom and my grandma on their wedding days. It was a blessing to wear a 60 year old family heirloom.
Josh: My favorite detail would be the boutonniere pins the groomsmen/brideseman were wearing. On my side we had the Browncoat symbol (from Firefly) and the bridesmen had the elvin brooches from Lord of the Rings.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Beth: I think we would have allowed even more time between events if we could look back, but honestly, we took the advice of friends and family and truly enjoyed our day – time delays and all.
Josh: If we could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything.

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Beth: Hire Melissa and her husband Cary. They ran interference and were a wonderful presence on our day. Not only that, their caring and loving hearts just added to the familial feeling around us all day.
Besides that, listen to all the advice about taking in the moments. Frequently pause, breathe, and take mental pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Josh: My advice for future brides and grooms is to really work on your schedule for that day. Leave plenty of time for each event!

Tell me about your honeymoon.
Beth: We fell in love with Puerto Rico. We ate mango and mufungo, saw the rainforest and Old San Juan. The condo complex backed onto the combed, sandy beach of Carolina’s Isla Verde. In the evenings we would watch the sunset from the gentle waves and talk about our dreams for our ever after.
Josh: The honeymoon was fun, romantic, and we are making plans to go back!

Beth, what an honor it was to reconnect with you!! Much love to you and Josh, my friend!! XO! 

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