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Keith and Natalie got married on a gorgeous, sunny, summery September day, surrounded by a few hundred of their closest friends and family. 
There was LOTS of laughter.
And a few quiet moments.

Did I mention how gorgeous the day was?? The gorgeous blue skies that are known in Colorado showed up!! 

D-Barn was a gorgeous backdrop for their wedding and reception.

I loved that their unity ceremony was personal to them! Keith and Natalie live on a ranch, so they branded a sign that now hangs in their home!
Natalie, you were SUCH a gorgeous bride!! 

At first glance, Keith looked a bit scared to run through all of these sparklers…I can’t say I blame him
But they made it through (mostly) unscathed.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Porter!!! 

Longmont, Colorado

Venue | D-Barn
Wedding Planning & Design | Pencils and Polka Dots
DJ | LSP Entertainment
 The Rib House

Important Songs
Processional | Little Miss Crazy Hot – Lo Cash Cowboys
Recessional | I Love This Life – Lo Cash Cowboys
Reception Entrance | All of my Tomorrows – Colt Ford
First Dance | Under This Old Hat – Chris Ledoux
Daddy-Daughter Dance | My Little Girl – Tim McGraw
Mother-Son Dance | Keep In Mind – Lo Cash Cowboys

Want to see more of Keith & Natalie’s incredible day? Click the image below for a slideshow!

Keith & Natalie | In their own words…

How did the two of you meet?
We met at a county bar up in Fort Collins. Keith taught me how to two step and we danced the night away.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
N: My favorite memory from our wedding was seeing Keith for the first time as I was walking down the isle. He was adamant about not doing a first look and I am so glad he was. It was a perfect moment. The instant I saw him I had an overwhelming feeling of joy come over me. It was a perfect moment and I will remember that for the rest of my life.
K: My favorite memory was seeing Natalie walk down the isle.

Funniest memory from your day?
N: The funniest moment from our wedding day is when we had to use pliers to zip up my cousin’s bridesmaids dress because the zipper was malfunctioning.

What was your favorite detail?
N&K: All of the details were flawless; I would not have changed any of them, thanks to Kari and Alex (Pencils & Polka Dots)!! However my two favorite details were the sentimental additions to our clothing. I had a small piece of my grandmother’s wedding dress sewn onto mine in the shape of a heart. Keith had his dad’s wedding band incorporated into his boutonniere.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
N: If I could do it all over I would have gotten married earlier. Being a bride is very time consuming with greeting guests, talking with family and photographs. I feel like I would have had more time to spend with the groom and enjoying the reception. It also would have given me more time to dance with the groom!
K: Wouldn’t change a thing!!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
N: My advice for future brides is to not stress the small stuff; in the long run it will either not matter or make for funny stories later!! Enjoy every moment of your wedding because it goes by so fast. I would also highly recommend doing a first look with your dad. Doing one with my dad was one of the most special moments I have ever had with him, and I am so glad I did it.
K: My advice for future grooms is don’t worry about the small things, and try to enjoy the wedding festivities.

Tell me about your honeymoon.
N&K: For our honeymoon we went to the Dominican Republic. We were at an all-inclusive and it was the perfect week together. It was a week of pure relaxation and fun. We met some great friends had went on a few fun excursions, but most of all we got to spend some much needed time, just the two of us. It was a perfect week following a perfect wedding.

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