Caitlyn | Class of 2015 | Castle Rock Senior Photographer

Can you believe school is already ramping up!? My boys head back to school next week and I’m equally sad and excited. School marks new things and routine, new and old friends, freshly sharpened pencils (I love that smell.), falls rapid approach…I LOVE all of those things. But it also marks time passing all too quickly. Another summer past, another year older…and now I’m all teary. I’m positive Caitlyn’s folks are feeling all of those things this year as their daughter is rapidly approaching college! But with that fast marking time comes milestones and memories made. Caitlyn, her mama and I met a few weeks ago to mark the time that is passing so quickly with her senior photos.

Caitlyn, you are such a gorgeous girl, and you have such a bright future ahead of you! But don’t race ahead! When that senior itch creeps in, take a deep breath and live in the moment. Soak it all in….all of these moments are worth remembering. ♥ 

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