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Our friends BJ & Lindsay got the surprise of their lives this last year when they discovered they were expecting there SECOND set of twins!! Yep…that’s right…twins TWICE!! Bringing their family to a solid 7! I’ve lived a bit vicariously through their adventure and was so excited when we were able to coordinate our family vacation with the arrival of their sweet boys. Such a privilege and an honor to get to meet these two that have made their family complete. Three girls and two boys. What a fun adventure their life is going to be. We spent the afternoon at their home which sits on LOTS of land…I was in HEAVEN!! 😀

Sweet Rivan. (sounds like ribbon). He is the smaller of the two and was SUCH a good sleeper for me.  🙂

How fun is this teepee?? It goes in the boys nursery, but we took it outside for a bit of fun. Liam!! Such a cute little chunk! Lindsay is seriously amazing for being able to carry these too normal sized babies (they were not twin sized) all the way to term. It’s a miracle, really! Friends for life.  😀 Hayden! Just so you all know…I love these girls…like for real…I think if we had girls in our house of boys, they would be a LOT like these three. 🙂 Personality for DAYS!!  Ella, Hayden & Preslyn Miss P. was my buddy during this part of the day. I had so much fun with her. 🙂

So while the boys are fraternal twins, these two girlies are identical…crazy right??  Anway, when P. ran up to E. to whisper in her ear all on her own, I just about squealed….but I held it in so I wouldn’t ruin the moment.  😀
Ella!! She’s busy!! But she gave me a whole 2 minutes of one-on-one, so we’re BFF’s.

Sweet Liam looks JUST like his daddy. And Rivan looks an awful lot like his mama and his uncle.  😀 And of course, I had to end with this dreamy shot…when Lindsay pulled out this double milking can, I just couldn’t resist! Don’t worry, friends, Mom was RIIIGHT there.  Precious babies. Such a dream to know you when you are still so small. 🙂

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