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Dan & Stephanie are some of our very closest friends. You’ve probably seen them and their sweet kiddos quite a bit over the years on this blog. Dan just recently deployed for the foreseeable future to a much less than ideal location…and that’s putting it pretty lightly…but before he left, he and Stephanie decided to grab a photo session together. Just the two of them. And I’m so glad they did! I know these photos will be held on to by both of them as they count down the days until they are in each others arms again, and I’m so glad I got the honor of photographing them as they begin this season.

Dan recently nominated Stephenie for the 2014 Military Spouse of the Year award. Voting is one day only, January 21….so take a minute, CLICK HERE and go vote for her….she is more than deserving.

Dan & Steph, Praying for both of you and of course helping you (Steph) pass the time while Dan’s gone. I’m so thankful to be a part of your lives!! XOXO! 😀2upmillington


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