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It has been a long time since I have had baby fever. We have four boys, ages 8, 6, 5 and 3. Take a deep breath. It’s good. Our life is full and fun and crazy, and we love it. But we also don’t plan on having any more babies any time soon, and I’ve been good with that. Until this little bitty mister came to visit me, and until I spent time editing his photos. Good grief he’s a beauty. He was born at 36 weeks, and though unexpected, he was born perfect and ready and tiny at just 5 pounds. Maybe it’s that my last two babies were littles, too (though not nearly that little), or that he’s a brother in a family of boys, whatever it is, Cary is going to be SO glad I’m done editing his session…for me, it’s a bit bittersweet. 🙂  Meet lovely, perfect, Liam:

Look at all of that beautiful downy newborn fuzz!  🙂

and his wrinkles!! See…it’s good I’m almost done staring at his perfect little self!

Aw, look at all of that sweetness. Little man on the left, don’t let him fool you! He’s got a bit of mischief in him, and I LOVE IT!! 🙂

And last, I had to include this outtake. Ha! I told them there was a dinosaur in my camera. 🙂


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