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Drew loves Anna. It’s evident in the way he looks at her, talks about her, smiles at her, cares for her….
And it’s obvious that Anna is pretty sure Drew hung the moon.

Their moms met in a grocery parking lot when Drew and Anna were just 9 and 8, connecting quickly over large family similarities. They spent several years attending church together and being family friends. Drew had eyes for Anna even then, but a cross-country move separated the two for nearly a decade. They grew up, attended high school, learned to drive, got first jobs and graduated high school before Anna would move back to California for college. In 2010, thanks to the matchmaker that is Facebook, the lovebirds were finally reconnected and Anna remembered those eyes that had never wavered. Over dinner and a rather impressive hockey performance, Drew began to steal her heart. A few dates later, Drew asked Anna to be his plus one at his company’s annual Christmas party that year, and they’ve never looked back. Together in front of their closest friends and family, on a gorgeous hilltop in Santa Barbara, they promised their hearts to each other for life.

Anna, I’m pretty sure you are the most joyful bride, ever! Love you and your gorgeous smile!! 🙂

You’re not bad either, Drew.  😉

Drew and Anna, thank you so much for making me a part of your unforgettable weekend!! It was such an honor! Love to you both!!  🙂

To view a slideshow with more images from Drew and Anna’s wedding, click here.

Venue: Elings Park, Santa Barbara, CA
Catering: PureJoy Catering
Flowers: Grass Roots
Everything else: Family!  🙂

What was your most memorable moment of your wedding day?
Our first dance. It seemed like the world just disappeared and there was no one else there but us. We will never forget that feeling!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Someone told us before our wedding something that we ended up repeating many times to each other: “As stressful as it may seem at the time, the details don’t matter when all is said and done. What matters is your love for each other, and gathering all of your loved ones to see it!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Anna: Funniest memory for me (now) was having cake smooshed on my nose…unexpectedly. 🙂
Drew: Brian (the largest of the groomsmen) had his pants accidentally switched with Andrew, who is quite a bit smaller. Andrew was in the shower, and did not know that he had taken the wrong pants for the wedding. It was not until Andrew emerged from the bathroom (what seemed like hours later) looking confused and wearing pants which were far too large for him that we figured out what had happened.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything ?
We would’ve made sure that the right song was playing when Anna walked down the aisle! Other than that, everything was exactly as we wanted.

What was your favorite detail?
I love that the fabric of Drew’s suit matched the fabric of my dress. Also, we loved that the weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Hawaii! We spent 6 days on Kona, and 4 days on Kauai.

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