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Over the years, I’ve found that I take the most pictures of whomever is the baby of the house… I was feeling a little bad about this, and then I realized it’s because they still like the attention and don’t want to run away and play. They are the perfect subject! 🙂 Caleb is nearing 4 months now…3 more days. *tear* He is officially into his 3-6 month clothes, is the master of the spit bubble, conversation, and flirting…especially with me, who is, of course, his favorite! 🙂


What else do I love, aside from all of my boys? 7 day old grocery store roses gifted to me by my sweet husband. Love him! 🙂 Why does the ‘grocery store’ part make it better?? For the same reason I holler from the rooftops when I get a good deal on a cute outfit…the good price makes me love them even more! 🙂


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