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There are a lot of times when doing a session with families or siblings that parents are amazed that I am able to get images of their children smiling and laughing because they do good just to get their children to look at the camera when they try. I always tell those parents that it is different when someone else is taking pictures of their children, because it is! I’m just different enough that they are interested in the silly woman with the big black camera. Well, I’m here to tell you that this habit of ignoring the mommy with the camera may be worse with photographer’s children since they are SO used to seeing a big black camera in their faces all the time! Mine aren’t even remotely curious anymore when I point my camera in their direction. It’s still pretty simple to take pictures of them one on one, or two at a time because they like the attention, but all together, it can be tough! So when I decided to do a session with my 4 boys, I was prepared! I had jokes and songs and gimmicks, and, well, they didn’t care! 🙂 So then we changed up where and how they were sitting and tried again… and again… By the end of only 15 minutes, I was done, and so were they. I wasn’t sure if I got any images worth saving, but then I loaded my pictures onto my camera and found these gems…maybe some of my very favorites of my children EVER… Oh, yes, it was so worth all of my hard work and stress for these pictures! And this will help me remember to try, try again! 🙂




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