A Shiny Knight, A Pirate, and a Little Green Monster | Castle Rock Children's Photographer

What do they have in common?? They all belong to US! Here are a few pictures of our little guys from Halloween. It was such a fun night! Any excuse to get into a costume is a good excuse by our boys!

Our oldest two did their very best to stay in character. 🙂

Carson was convinced that this was the proper way to wear a knight’s helmet. Oh, and just an aside, Carson is fascinated by knights because they always get the princess…wise already. 🙂

Caden, our tough little charming pirate, was ALL ABOUT trick-or-treating this year.

Isn’t Carter a cutie? I was shocked that Carter kept his hat on for nearly 2 hours. Each time I tried to put it on him before Halloween, he worked with all of his might to get that thing off. We were out way passed his bed time, but he was such a trooper, even through our church fun at Chuck E. Cheese!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!!

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